Wood Model Train Kit

Grab this opportunity to build a model steam train. Take this “everything you need included” kit and…

1. Put it together.
2. Paint it.
3. Play with it.

Increases dexterity, patience and a sense of accomplishment. An educational experience that’s fun as well. It doesn’t get any better than this

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Custom Pins

Available in three levels of quality – cloisonne, brass/soft enamel and silk screen – from the best to the most economical. We can make them from a sample pin, from your camera ready art or even from a good, sharp photo.

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Blinking Train Pins

A great attention getter and just plain fun too. Approximately 1-1/4 inches across with one or more flashing LEDs. Pictured below are some of our stock pins which can be imprinted with your name. We can also make custom pins from your art.

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Long and Tall Pencils

A great seller! Unusual, useful AND they fit every kids budget. 14 inches long pencil (about twice as long as standard pencil). 14 inch Pencil comes in assorted colors (yellow, green, blue, orange, red, black, white, purple, turquoise and white). Can be imprinted with your company logo or information.

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Embroidered Train Engineer Patches

Everybody loves embroidered patches, they are fun to collect and a great way to chronicle your travels.

Patches can be sewn on or ironed on (iron-on adhesive back standard unless you specify otherwise).

All we need is your finished art OR a sample patch and we can take it from there. Railroad patches are our specialty.

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Li’l Engineer Kits

Also made in the USA, we’ve combined three of our most popular items -a train whistle, an engineer hat and a bandanna – into one, neat package – bagged and headed, ready for your peg board display or shelf. They make a great birthday gift for young or old “engineers”.

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